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ATC support


1. The camera does not send more photos, what should I do?

If the camera has stopped suddenly send photos, Need to check the status of batteries in the camera. You can do this by running the camera to "SETUP" mode.


2. After replacing the batteries in the camera, I turned it back on and still photos do not arrive?

After replacing the batteries, turn the camera to "SETUP" and access to "SEND MODE" in A tab the "GSM" have the option move the "SEND MODE" to "INSTANT" and confirm.


3. I turned on the camera and blue light flashing in front, what does it mean?

Flashing blue light on the front of the camera indicates low voltage batteries should be replaced as soon as possible.


4. I turned on the camera but is turn off by right away. What it means?

  1. Should be checked the memory card - SD was put into appropriate place in the camera. Without an SD card camera will not work.
  2. Should be checked the battery status.


5. I am sending command to the camera but she does not respond, what should I do?

Need to turn on the camera in the "SETUP" and make sure that the option "SMS SWICH" is set to "ON" under the tab "GSM" mode.


6. I put an email address in the recipients list in the camera, but the pictures do not arrive to me, what should I do?

Sometimes the mailbox recognize the photos as "spam".
After sending a picture to mail address, make sure that the images do not arrive to the mailbox as spam "e-mail.
Organizations and companies with organization email, make sure that there is no internal blocking in front administrator of the company \ corporation.


7. the app does not work, what shuld i do?

          please contact customer service.


8. For further questions you can contact the technical support

  • 972-53-3329676