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About us



"ATC technologies" started as a company that deals with agricultural damage caused by animals.



First, the company used  the systems to control remote areas as an effective monitoring solution for tracking wildlife damage.



Due to the spread of agricultural crime in Israel and the inability to deal with it,

The systems have been converted for security and enforcement purposes at field.



Today, ATC Trail Cameras develops and provides security systems and solutions for open spaces.



The company has many years of experience in providing solutions for protecting and monitoring open spaces, and providing diverse solutions to enforcement and security agencies, local authorities and the agricultural sector.



Our team consists of people with many years of experience working in the field with trail cameras.



Our company accompanies the customer from the needs characterization stage, to customizing the system according to his needs, assimilating and training in working with the systems, as well as providing support, warranty and laboratory services.




Our range of clients:

State enforcement agencies, infrastructure companies, academic bodies,

Police, military, government offices, enforcement and security units, security companies,

Farmers, agricultural areas and more.