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ATC-TECHNOLOGIES, which develops and manufactures cameras, has started its path in the management and
treatment of agricultural damages.With the development of the Company in the field of ​​agricultural damages the
areas in which the Company operated increased and there was a problem of monitoring all of these areas.
Thus, the company has used the trail cameras, which at the time were intended for hunting enthusiasts
 and were discovered as an effective solution for monitoring and tracing the damage caused by wild animals.
As a result of our close work with the farmers, we learned that agricultural crime in Israel is spreading and there is
no ability to cope with the problem. Therefore, we decided to relocate the trail cameras for security and enforcement
purposes. Our solution proved successful and provided a useful and effective tool in the fight against agricultural
crime and produced results very quickly.
The results our systems provided, the flexibility and the ability to adapt the system to different needs, have emerged
as a new safety approach that has expanded its horizons into new fields. Today our cameras serve as municipal
authorities for the supervision andwaste implications, Construction and infrastructures companies for the protection of
heavy duty equipment and vehicles,Logistics facilities against thefts, Academic bodies for research in open spaces,
Security companies that use systems as a warningdevice that streamlines its services, as well as security, military,
police and enforcement agencies.
ATC-TECHNOLOGIES leads and focuses on mobile cameras. We provide security systems and solutions for open
spaces and constantly develop new products that are especially suitable for outdoor security.
The company has accumulated many years of experience in providing solutions for protecting and monitoring open
spaces, and providing various solutions to enforcement and security bodies, local authorities and the agricultural
sector. Every customer that comes to us is accompanied by us from the beginning of the process in which we
characterize the needs of the customer, adapt thesystem to its needs, assimilate and guide the customer to work
with the system. We also provide customers with laboratory and warranty services and general customer services.
Our team consists of people who deal with various areas of enforcement, security and agriculture. We are highly
aware of the needs of our customers in the field, and the company's many years of experience with its field
cameras enable us to provide efficient and flexible solutions to our customers.
A variety of customers:
State enforcement agencies, Infrastructure companies, Bodies for the monitoring and surveillance of
rare wild animals, Academic bodies, Police, army, government offices, Enforcement and security units,
security companies, Agricultural and agricultural areas.