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a picture is worth a1000 guards

About us

About us:

  • ATC Company specialize in providing various solutions to law enforcement and security bodies, local authorities and the agricultural sector.
  • ATC Company provide services of agricultural damage control.
  • ATC Company certified representative and vendors, we provide technical support, warranty and product development.
  • ATC Company have years of proven experience in field-work with our products.


ATC Company services are:

  • Technical support and warranty
  • Training and technical support to the end user
  • Providing advice to the correct positioning of the cameras in the field, in order to achieve best results
  • Camera repair
  • Original spare parts
  • Software modification per client requirements at minimal cost
  • Software updates and upgradesאודות
  • Complete line of accessories and supporting equipment
  • Camera and accessory modification and development for enforcement and assimilation purpose at the field
  • Repair lab certified by the manufacturers


Our expertise includes providing solutions to a variety of sectors as:

  • Security bodies, companies and Law Enforcement agencies
  • Local Municipalities
  • Agricultural sector
  • Research and Ecology


Field Cellular Security Camera

Sends an instant image alert, at real time, to a cell phone or email

Standalone camera, no infrastructure or preparation required

"One picture worth a thousand Guards"