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a picture is worth a1000 guards




A smart system capable to filter and analyze a photo and simplify it, in order to interpret the image.

Purposes of the Analytic in ATC system:

  • Reducing false alarms.
  • Focus the obtained images by setting filters.
  • Identification of objects in the image.


The photographed image from the ATC system passes to an external server where it will be analyzed.


After the analyze process the image is filters by variables determined by the user.

example of the filters system:

  • The user can decide if he wants to receive only photos showing a men with a bag or with any other object.

example of the distinguish between different objects:

  • The system is able to distinguish between variety of objects and determine their sort(animals, people, vehicles...): the user can choose to receive only images showing dogs.


  • All the process passing through ATC server.
  • All the data that sent to the user saved in a database that accessible only by the customer.
  • Internet interface suitable for computers and smartphones. 
  • There is no need to update the camera.