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a picture is worth a1000 guards


Image processing




ATC-TECHNOLOGIES specializes in providing security solutions and solutions for open spaces.



The company develops the systems and products according to customer requirements and needs.



ATC TECHNOLOGIES has developed an object recognition and analysis system that is capable of smart image analysis using a unique algorithm to improve working with the systems and reduce the false alerts received from the field.



Thanks to the analytics system, the client can pre-select the objects that will trigger them

The systems and which objects to ignore.

The analytics system knows how to filter the results obtained from ATC systems,

And classify photos by categories / tags.


With the new system, when there is an event in the field, the cameras will take pictures and send the pictures as usual.

The images will first go through the image processing system which will analyze the image. Once the objects in the image have been identified, the image will be sent to the customer, according to the classification of the tags chosen by him.

(Person, vehicle, animal, firearm, bag, etc.)




System capabilities:


Reduces false alerts coming to the customer.


Mapping the deliverables by setting filters.


Image analysis and photo object identification.


Cuts by time, tag, or camera


Battery status, reception and memory information of the camera.


Remote Settings Management.


Manage the system and products that receive from the camera efficiently and effectively.

Manual - ATC Analytech 2021