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Image processing


ATC-TECHNOLOGIES always tries to advance the field of path cameras forward and takes pride in this.
 We keep track of problems that arise from the field and from customers and also try to track technological
  changes that can improve our products in order to develop new / complementary products that will provide
 a better tool for our customers. The last project we focused on is from the field of imageprocessing and its
  goal is to improve the products that come from the camera in the field to the end customer, and to improve
the userexperience and management of our own systems.
objectives of the image analysis system:
 Reducing false alerts that reach the customer
Allow the customer to target the deliverables by setting filter 
 Image analysis and detection of photographed objects
 Providing a convenient tool with wider camera
Management options and a better user experience
  So what does the system actually do?  To this day ATC systems would receive field events on cameras and
send the end-user to Cell Phones as MMS or email as a JPEG file when each event that triggers the camera
is sent to the client without filtering.
             The image analysis system is designed to perform the required filtering and classification of the images by categories
 or tags Now when events are received from the field the images will then be transferred to the image analysis
 system, which will be provided as a cloud service, where the images will undergo the image analysis process,
    and after the objects have been identified in the picture,the image will continue to the customer's account, which
is associated with the camera, and will be classified according to the tags chosen By the customer.
  This way, the customer will be able to choose which products he wants to receive, And filter out all the warnings
   that do not interest him or meet his needs.The system is integrated with a simpleand easy-to-use user interface
         where customers can manage all their cameras, cut them by time, tag, or camera.Get information about the battery
       status, camera reception and memory, and even control and change settings remotely. This system will be flexible
       and accessible to all large organizations with a large number of cameras that will be able to establish a focal point
through our user interface and down to the private customer who has a single camera.
Examples of filtering and differentiation between photographed objects:
    The user will be able to specify that he wants to receive only pictures showing a person with a bag or
   a weapon. The analysis will distinguish between a person with a backpack and a person without file,
etc..., and will filter all the pictures in which no person appears as required by the customer.
  If a customer wants to receive pictures of certain vehicles (truck, jeep, private train), the system will
beable to differentiate according to what we taught her between a truck and a private car and filter
the products accordingly.
    Beyond the fact that the system can distinguish between objects and vehicles for people, the system
knows how to distinguish between different types of animals and allows the customer to choose to
receive pictures of pigs that harm him on the ground and filter the dogs, cats and so on.